Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow Shoot!

Finally, some weather that doesn’t make you want to pull the covers over your head and stay in bed until winter ends! With the thermometer climbing to –4C today from the –50C temperatures we had last week, I thought this was great time to get some shots of the dogs outside in the snow.


I dressed them in the red sweaters they had received for Christmas and headed outside with my 80-200mm lens on my camera.


My plan was to lay down on a tarp and have the dogs running towards me after my husband released them. It quickly became apparent that this would not work for a number of reasons.


1. The dogs would not run together.

2. The dogs ran too fast.

3. The dogs would not run in a straight line toward me.

4. It was hard to focus, even when pre-focusing on the spot I wished to snap the photo.


Time for plan B!


A recent visitor with a snowmobile had carved a circle in our otherwise pristine, snow-filled yard. This provided a good place to throw biscuits and snap shots of the dogs!


Here is a sampling of some I shot using ISO 200, f2.8, and between 1/1500 and 1/4000 seconds. They were all processed in Lightroom 2. I also tried jacking my exposure compensation to +1 (to expose properly for the snow) for some of the shots even though my camera seemed to think they were overexposed and showed lots of blinkies! When I got them into Lightroom, they were not overexposed and the overall exposure was much better than the others I had taken.












Brandy & Bailey


Brandy & Bailey



And finally my favorite shot from the day . . .



Bailey & Brandy Looking for More Biscuits!


Bailey & Brandy


What would I do differently next time? Take more photos and use different apertures. I love f2.8 but to get more of the dogs in focus and to get them BOTH in focus when they are together will require a smaller aperture.

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