Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cross Process

Here’s my image for today, following along in my series of photos of things from around my house.





Like my previous photo, this image was supposed to be taken as three images but my card filled up on the second of the three so that is where I stopped! The shots were bracketed 2 stops apart and processed as an HDR image in PhotoMatix Pro. I used my Sigma Macro 105mm lens, mounted on my tripod, f8, shutter somewhere between 1/30 and 1/3 seconds. After processing in PhotoMatix, it was brought back into Lightroom for further processing where I added a preset called Cross Process – Alan’s Custom from a set of presets downloaded from Inside Lightroom. They have some really nice presets and they are FREE so go get some for yourself!



What’s your guess as to what this is? Leave me a comment below! At the end of a week’s worth of images, I will reveal the identity of each item.


  1. Good call, Wayne! I guess I will just have to be more creative with my shots to keep you guessing longer!