Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fog and Frost

A photographer’s dream day was what I awakened to today! The fog was so thick you couldn’t see six feet in front of your car!


I had never taken any fog shots before so though I was on my way to do errands in the city, I took along my camera and tripod hoping to stop and get some shots along the way.


First on my list of priority shots was to get a bridge in the fog. I took a look at the Lockport Bridge first but couldn’t find a location in which to setup to take the shot! I next thought about the Bridge to Nowhere on Highway 4 so set off in search of it down Highway #59. Simply amazing fog enveloped my car as I made my way down the highway but unfortunately, the fog dissipated as I got closer and closer to my destination!


Change of plans . . . I turned around and headed for the bridge into Selkirk. Well, the fog was not there either! Totally bummed out, I stopped near the riverbank to take some close-ups of hoar frost-covered weeds and branches. I then made my way toward the city, stopping once again to take a few scenics of a hoar frost-covered bush with a fence in the foreground.


After I got home and was able to process my shots, I was very disappointed with what I had taken! Though a few of my weed shots were ok, I should have used a smaller aperture to keep more of the weeds in focus throughout the shot. Then, looking at my landscapes, I discovered I had made horrible compositional mistake – the horizon was dead centre through the image! I tried cropping to improve things but still could not end up with a decent shot!


So here are only two shots that I can present to you . . . certainly not my best work but hopefully, this will be a learning experience and next time round, I will not repeat the same mistakes!


The following shots were taken with my 80-200 lens, f8.



Frosty Weeds

Frosty Weeds



Weeds in Winter

Weeds in Winter

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