Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

I have decided to take a theme approach to my picture taking for the next little while. I will be photographing things around the house. You’re thinking, “BORING!” My job, then, is to be as creative as possible in my picture taking so that I can make everyday objects look interesting! I am hoping that I can excel at this challenge, and who knows, my kitchen sink may just show up in one of my images!


Here is one for today:



This photo was taken as three images, bracketed 2 stops apart and processed as an HDR image in PhotoMatix Pro. I used my Sigma Macro 105mm lens, mounted on my tripod, f8, shutter somewhere between 1/45 and 1/3 seconds. After processing in PhotoMatix, it was brought back into Lightroom and converted to monochrome.


What’s your guess as to what this is? Leave me a comment below! At the end of a week’s worth of images, I will reveal the identity of each item.

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